A mockup images tool

Crédit illustration : Florian Lissot

I found that very useful tool today, via Korben.


So many times I opened my favorite image software to create some dummy images for a website I'm developing. It takes 2 minutes each, but if it's many times... Well, stop loosing your time, that online tool is simple and will help you a lot.


Here are some examples:

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/300/">

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/250x100/">

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/250x100/c5b292/">

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/c5b292/000">

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/?text=Hello World">

<img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/1F395E/f0f0f0/?text=Lissot.info">